Sugardough Bakery Cafe-

Social Media Marketing

Client profile

Sugardough Bakery Cafe is one of the largest bakery cafe franchises in Pune. Started in the year 2014, by Le Cordon Bleu alumni Chef Pravin Rao, Sugardough Bakery Cafe was looking a digital partner to give their business a digital advantage.

The project scope-

Sugardough Bakery Cafe wanted help in increasing walk-ins for all their new franchise shops that were to open in Pune and Aurangabad. They also wanted to create a social media-friendly brand image that showcased their USP od Boulangerie, Patisserie and Gourmet products. Sugardough Bakery Cafe was also in need of a website that propagated their image of being a place for superior baked goods, foods and beverages.

Our solutions-

Kaizen Design Studio took over all their social media pages and gave them a makeover, putting up high images and copy, and creating a technically sound back-end. For their new franchise launches in Pune and Aurangabad, we did paid promotions with precise targeting, We’ve also created a high stylised website that is in-tune with their USPs and brand values.


  • Sugardough Bakery Cafe’s social media following increased substantially.
  • Through paid and organic campaigns, we ensured big crowds on opening days, and steady walk-ins throughout for their new franchisee launches.
  • The new website is now the center for all digital and social media campaigns
  • Sugardough Bakery Cafe now has a strong online brand identity and following.
  • Sugardough Bakery Cafe Image  Sugardough Bakery Cafe Image  Sugardough Bakery Cafe Image  Sugardough Bakery Cafe Image  Sugardough Bakery Cafe Image