Website Design and Development

Client profile

Based in the United States of America, ARasons is a premium leather footwear brand selling leather footwear online all over the U.S.A. They already had a registered logo and a well-established supply chain for their product. But they did not have any brand establishment and recall value.

The project scope-

Online brand identity was the major issue that needed to be rectified. They already were available on the online retail platform Amazon, but required a social media push to get more visibility to their products, which in turn would increase their overall sales

Our solutions-

On behalf of them, we hired international standard professional photographer for product photography as the products were to be sold in US. We developed a social media optimization strategy that focussed on Facebook and Instagram. We also redesigned and developed their website up to international standards, along with content creation for brand endorsement on digital platforms.


  • ARasons now have a strong online brand identity that has a loyal following.
  • Post social media optimization, their overall sales increased considerably.
  • Their social media pages are capable of gather quality leads at low costs
  • ARasons’ website now works as online catalogue and is the centre for all digital activities.
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