Corporate videos

Show your clients what your business is about, as audio-visual communication is more impactful. Kaizen Design Studio is one of the digital marketing companies in Mumbai who have a strong foothold in corporate videos. We provide scriptwriting, treatment, storyboarding, producing, and video editing services. We also have the latest equipment, and a team of professional writers, videographers, voice over artists, and video editors, who make creative and visually impressive videos, films, time lapse videos, drone camera videos, video testimonials, interactive videos, 3D visualizations, 3D walkthroughs, and visual presentations that truly support and represent your business.

Today, most customers are accustomed to audio-video, and digital forms of communication. Adding a video or an audio-video presentation to your website considerably improves the quality of the traffic that comes to your website. Such videos also portray your company as a professional, serious, and successful business. Research has proven that customers believe more in video testimonials than written ones. Another great advantage of corporate videos is that they can be easily integrated into traditional and digital marketing. They enhance the quality of the campaigns.

Corporate videos are divided into three different stages; pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production involves, scripting and storyboarding. Production involves the actual shooting of the video, and post involves editing, incorporating effects, voice-overs, and dubbing. Kaizen Design Studio provides of all the mentioned services at the most reasonable costs, making us one of the most versatile ad agencies in Mumbai.

Our Corporate Videos Services

  • Company Profile & Brand Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Facility Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Creative script writing & direction
  • Storyboarding & screenplay
  • Film production & shooting of      video in HD through 1K, 2K & 4K      (High definition quality)

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