5 Important Characteristics of a Great Logo

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Logos reflect what a business or an organization is about. It reflects the philosophy of a brand. Creating a logo is one of the major tasks as it helps businesses and organizations get noticed, talked about, and remembered. A logo is an essential and integral part of the brand and it is the design by which people recognize the brand. Though there are logos that are too small and simple, there is a great deal of work involved in coming to the final design. There are five common characteristics of great logos:

1. Simplicity

From Nike’s swoosh to McDonald’s two inverted curves logo in the shape of M, great logos are the simplest. This helps people in remembering and recognizing a company among the chunk of competitors. A simple logo makes engagement with people easier, so spending time in achieving simplicity will make a brand recognizable instantly. Great logos are timeless, iconic, and most importantly, simple.

2. Memorable

All great logos are easily recognizable and memorable. The Twitter’s logo of a bird tweeting, Apple’s logo of apple, or Audi’s logo of four rings, all of these have made the long-lasting impression on people’s minds. They will not be forgotten. Anyone will recognize them in no time. On the other hand, whenever we hear the name of these brands, their logos come in our mind easily. This is what great logos do. They make people memorize them easily.

3. Relevancy

Great logos are relevant to brands they represent. Nike’s swoosh sign shows people will achieve the high amount of speed in no time. Or IBM’s machine-inspired logo shows relevance to what the company does. The type of expression, color, ideas, and images associate themselves with people’s mind. Brands invest heavily in making these logos and try to adapt according to the relevancy of the market.

4. Individuality

A great logo stands out from the crowd and there is no room for misunderstanding with other brands. Else, it will harm the profitability and reputation of the brand. Apple’s logo cannot be misunderstood with other computer and device manufacturing companies, or Coca-Cola’s logo cannot be recognized be with other soda companies. This individuality makes them easily distinguishable from other companies in the same business.

5. Scalability

Scalability means logos look great no matter what their size is. This characteristic plays a crucial role in the today’s world of internet. People visit websites on different devices with different sizes of screens, so a great looking logo should be designed to make a lasting impression from any screen size. A scalable logo can be of great benefit to a brand to get remembered and recognized in the herd.

Companies have been spending huge time and money on making a logo that reflects their core values and conveys what their brands represent. Moreover, they are talking help of branding companies to do that. Being one of the leading branding agencies in Pune and gaining wide experience in creating logos, Kaizen Design Studio helps companies in creating a great logo that conveys what their brands represent and increases brand awareness.

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