What’s the difference between your logo and your brand? Image

What’s the difference between your logo and your brand?

Posted by Pratik Kirve / 28th Jan 2018

A logo and a brand are two words which are used synonymously these days. People often confuse a logo and a brand to be the same things and use it interchangeably which of course is wrong.


How to set adwords budget


Posted by Yogesh Patil / 19th Jan 2018

Google AdWords is one of the most popular online advertising platforms. Its pay per click (PPC) feature has attracted a lot of marketers as they need to pay only when someone clicks on those ads.


SEO company or SEO specialist


Posted by Ankush Wadne / 6th Jan 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important marketing strategies to generate website traffic and online sales. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have been marred by fake news and data breaches.


Terminologies of Printing Tasks to Know about Image

Terminologies of Printing Tasks to Know about

Posted by Pratik Kirve / 25th December 2017

While interacting with graphic designers, if you think they are communicating in some unknown foreign language, you are misinterpreting them. There are some words in print design world that you might be unfamiliar with.


3 Vital Reasons why you shouldn’t design your own website

3 Vital Reasons why you shouldn’t design your own website

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 13th December 2017

Having a website for business or personal branding is of utmost importance as the era of “always online” emerged. Designing a website is not only limited to design for desktop and laptops.


Mistakes To Avoid While Link Building

Mistakes To Avoid While Link Building

Posted by Yogesh Patil / 1st December 2017

Link building strategy is a good way to draw traffic with the help of already established sites. However, it can backfire rather than doing well if not executed properly.


App store optimization tips Image

App store optimization tips

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 17th November 2017

There are more than 2 million apps available today on the app store and it can be challenging for app developers to get their apps discovered. App Store Optimization (ASO) is becoming a necessity in order to rank well in the app store engines. ASO evolves with the App Store every time when changes are made to the algorithms.Title - What is the name?


Web Design - What’s Hot Image

Web Design - What’s Hot and what’s not – Complete Low Down

Posted by Anil Mokashi / 31st October 2017

Digital marketing in Pune, and other such major cities is the only industry which keeps on evolving with new trends in the market compared to other industries. The fact of the matter is that digital marketing is growing and it’s not going slowdown anytime soon.


Online Reputation Management Image

Online Reputation Management - What to do & What not to do

Posted by Chetan Kumar / 21st October 2017

Let’s first know the definition of ORM. Online Reputation Management is the management of a company’s reputation on the internet. This is done by any good digital marketing agency or SEO company in Pune. ORM is about influencing what people are talking about your business online.


How much print marketing Image

How much print marketing collateral do you need

Posted by Kishore Yadav / 7th October 2017

As you are about to open up your digital marketing company, or any other business for that matter, it is important you have all the necessary print marketing collateral to make new connections and promote your business to would-be customers.


Top tips for UX designers Image

Top tips for UX designers

Posted by Gaurav Kadam / 15th September 2017

User Experience Design (UXD or UX) is the process of improving a website’s quality in order to satisfy users’ experience. Qualities include usability, accessibility, and productivity of the website. It is important for a UX designer to be highly creative in their work because it’s their work will decide whether or not a user prefers to


The importance of graphic design for business Image

The importance of graphic design for business

Posted by Sunil Sharma / 5th September 2017

We all know that communication plays a vital role for any business. If your audience or your client is not aware of what business your company is doing, then it will not generate leads or help your company to grow. So yes, communication is a vital element...


Reach the Right Audience Image

Reach the Right Audience through a Corporate Video Production Company in Pune

Posted by Rohit Patil / 18th August 2017

Pune is becoming the hub for corporate videos. Owing to demand, you can now easily find a good corporate video production company in Pune. The keyword here is good.


Game-Changing Trends Image

Top 12 Game-Changing Trends in Social Media in 2017

Posted by Mayuresh Tyagi / 8th August 2017

Social Media is expected to grow beyond our expectations in 2017. Social Media saw an enormous growth in 2016, adding 1.9 billion mobile users worldwide. Marketers are routinely using social media marketing with their core marketing strategies.


Generating Leads Image

Generating Leads Through Social Media

Posted by Yogesh Patil / 30th July 2017

Before talking about lead generation, let’s first know what leads are. Leads are basically potential customers who are interested to buy a company’s product or services. These customers are the ones who provide their contact information, ...


SEO Vs PPC Image


Posted by Aditya Sharma / 22th July 2017

Before selecting from any of the SEO companies in Pune, you need to consider PPC as well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization or organic search results) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two of the most important marketing channels for any business that has a website.


How web designing has changed Image

How Web Designing Has Changed

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 9th July 2017

Thinking of hiring a good website design and development company? First, here’s what you need to know about design. The Design is the process of collecting concepts and visually arranging and implementing them...


Importance of Online Marketing Image

Importance of Online Marketing

Posted by Harshal Anand / 28th June 2017

Online marketing is the art of promoting a product of an organization, and creating brand’s awareness to its potential customers through the Internet. For any business to be successful, the Internet plays a key role.We live in an era where internet is the first...


Design is a Language Image

Design is a Language

Posted by Yogesh Patil / 19th June 2017

Design is a visual language and the future of all communications. Texty and word heavy communication is now taking a backseat to creative designs. Web design companies in Pune have now caught up in this trend...


Branding solutions Image

Branding Solutions that’ll take your Business Forward

Posted by Aditya Sharma / 8th June 2017

One of the most popular services provided by ad agencies in Pune is branding solutions. Many small business do not give due importance to branding, and end up losing business, as they have no identity.


Go Viral with Social Media Marketing Image

Go Viral with Social Media Marketing Companies in Pune

Posted by Harshal Anand / 26th May 2017

Social media marketing companies in Pune are seeing a sharp rise in clients. Businesses are waking to the importance of social media marketing. Though social media was not intended to be a marketing platform...


Take Your First Digital Step Image

Take Your First Digital Step with a Web Design Company in Pune

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 15th May 2017

Thinking of getting into digital marketing for your business? You are on the right path. The first thing you need to do is get in touch with a good web design company in Pune. A good website is the start of a successful digital campaign.


Digital Marketing in Pune is Helping  Image

Digital Marketing in Pune is Helping Small & Mid-Level Businesses Survive and Thrive

Posted by Rohit Patil / 28th April 2017

Traditional marketing is expensive, unreliable and immeasurable. It is a lot like gambling. Not every business can afford to shell out lakhs and crores on marketing and advertising. However, they have a saviour in the form of digital marketing.


What is B2C Marketing?  Image

What is B2C Marketing?

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 14th April 2017

B2C or Business-to-consumers, marketing is a term used by companies while referring to the type of business they operate. B2C companies focus more on selling their products to an individual and also market their products for personal use.B2C companies also offer some packaging options which are appropriate for the consumption to the individual.


What is B2B Marketing?  Image

What is B2B Marketing?

Posted by Yogesh Patil / 2nd April 2017

Business-to-Business marketing (B2B marketing as it is commonly known) is the art of selling one company’s product or a service to another company. The techniques of B2B marketing companies in India involve some of the basic principles of consumer marketing, but are performed in a unique way.


Difference between B2B and B2C Marketing Image

Difference between B2B and B2C Marketing

Posted by Harshal Anand / 23rd March 2017

Believe it or not, but there is quite a difference between B2B and B2C marketing. The difference between these 2 types of markets is quite massive even though a product is being sold to a person. When a product is sold to a B2B market...


B2B Blogging Image

B2B Blogging: It’s More Than Just “Publish”

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 11th March 2017

According to a recent survey, about 76% B2B companies use blogs or contents as a method to generate traffic and increase sales. One of the main ideas behind a blog or content is the will to publish free articles for people...


SERP Clicks  Image

SERP Clicks

Posted by Harshal Anand / 2nd March 2017

So, you’ve hired one of the best PPC companies in Pune, India, and have started your online campaigns, but the right clicks aren’t just coming through? Then you start pumping more money into your campaigns, but the result is still not the one you want? Well, the whole digital marketing world is seeing a shift.


The Art Of Storytelling

The Art Of StoryTelling

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 21th Feb 2017

Stories have been a part of the human life since we came into existence. Even when humans weren’t evolved enough to speak or had any kind of linguistic skills, they told stories through carvings. Before the written form of stories existed, the oral form of storytelling shaped generations and cultures alike with


Visual Advertising

Visual Advertising

Posted by Ankush Wadne / 15th Feb 2017

A- Attention Visual ads should attract the user’s attention at most. B- Branding Build user’s trust by using right branding strategy and Brand elements like Logo, colors, patterns in your visual ads. C- CTA (Call To Action) It is a mandatory process to fill in the gap between the value proposition & the next step the customer would take.


4 Reasons your company needs a corporate video  Image

4 Reasons your company needs a corporate video

Posted by Harshal Anand / 6th February 2017

As the era of internet emerged, the corporate branding and advertising strategies also changed. The television commercials were used to advertise and spread the word about the brand.


4 Common corporate videos mistakes to avoid Image

4 Common corporate videos mistakes to avoid

Posted by Pratik Kirve / 24th January 2017

Corporate videos have become an effective tool to create brand awareness and convey information about the business, product, and service in a short span of time.